About Us

A brief sketch of KVR’s biography

K. Venkateswara Rao (KVR) was born in a town called Markapur in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh to Kanduri Pullaiah and Savitramma on 1.1.1964. He was born as the second son to Pullaiah who was a businessman in Markapur where slates are produced and traded. He had started his life in a simple way and began marketing slates. He brought up his children with the help of this trade.



He studied in Markapur from the Primary stage to Collegiate (Degree) level. In 1985 he completed his graduation and arrived in Chennai where he obtained his degree in law (B.L.). Then KVR practiced law in the High Court, not getting satisfaction in his legal profession he thirsted for a vocation that would give him full satisfaction. In order to achieve something in life he was fully convinced that only imparting of knowledge to students would enable him to achieve his goal. This passion for teaching blossomed in the form of KVR Institute. This institution was set up in 1990.

To make students speak fluently in English how should we teach them? How are we to present educational material to them? These questions made him think deeply. The result was that he hit upon a special method and that was to provide course material through post. He worked in this direction and by this means he was able to reach not only the mainstream in the city but also every nook and corner in the rural parts of the country. Everyone even in a remote village is now able to get success. This is through the efforts of this postal or correspondence method he worked on.